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City and Wine Tours provide entertaining and educational tours of the many boutique estate wineries and attractions in the Okanagan Valley in a comfortable seat on a luxurious Mercedes Sprinter.

Located in southern British Columbia, the Okanagan Valley is one of the warmest regions in all of Canada. From world-class internationally acclaimed estate wineries to award winning family boutique vineyards, the Okanagan Valley wineries are rich with character, mouthwatering wines, and a landscape of rolling hills and glacial carved lakes, that will take your breath away. We promise!

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The Okanagan Valley includes some of the world’s best growing conditions for high quality wine that are consistently ranked among the world’s best at International competitions.  During the summer months, we experience hot days and cool nights which create grapes that are intensely flavored with great acidity.

Okanagan Valley is BC’s premier grape growing region containing nearly 85% of the total vineyard acreage in British Columbia.  The valley and lake stretch over 250 kilometers, across many sub-regions, each with different climate conditions and soil, suitable to growing a wide range of varietals. This gives a variety of different wines so there really is something for everyone, even those who are just familiarizing themselves with the wonderful world of wine.

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